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What is the PTLC and How Can I Apply for the 2012-2013 Cohort?

What is the President’s Teaching and Learning Collaborative?
The PTLC is a comprehensive, collaborative program that offers access to supportive expert educational research programs, financial support from the Office of the President, the campus Provosts, and a structured plan for completion of a classroom research project. The Collaborative is committed to establishing the University of Colorado as a leader in research and scholarship on teaching and learning. The Collaborative will focus on projects emphasizing student learning and assessing of course learning.

The goals of the collaborative include:

  • fostering inquiry and leadership for the improvement of student learning,
  • developing and synthesizing knowledge about learning and teaching through publication in peer-refereed journals in two years time, and
  • promoting institutional change in support of the scholarship of teaching and learning.

The President’s Teaching and Learning Collaborative (PTLC) and other SoTL initiatives at UC Denver are faculty development and research opportunities consisting of a group of both downtown Denver and CU-system faculty members, students, and staff members interested in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL – “the systematic reflection/study on teaching and learning made public”). They are involved in reading, carrying out, sharing, and applying SoTL work to enhance the learning of CU-system students. They advise and receive support from others in the group on any aspects of SoTL in which they are interested. The PTLC is sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning, the President’s Teaching Scholars Program, the Office of the President and Centers for Faculty Development on each campus.

Activities and opportunities include:

  • presentations on SoTL work by UC Denver, CU-system and external speakers,
  • SoTL literature reviews and/or bibliography exchanges,
  • one-on-one work with a dedicated Auraria Library disciplinary/process coach,
  • workshops on aspects of conducting SoTL work,
  • discussion groups for SoTL books or articles,
  • design groups to plan SoTL studies and work on IRB protocols,
  • working groups to draft representations of SoTL work to be made public,
  •  travel grants to support sharing of work at SoTL conferences,
  • grants to support research, and
  • assistance improving the value of SoTL in annual review, and tenure & promotion processes.

Who is eligible?
All faculty members and teaching professors on any campus of the University of Colorado are encouraged to apply. The PTLC seeks faculty with a record of innovation in teaching and/or assessment of learning as well as those just beginning to examine their teaching and their students’ learning. Experience in educational research is not a requirement. The aim of the program is to broaden participation of faculty in effective inquiry in learning and teaching. Familiarity with the literature on learning and teaching in one’s discipline is an ongoing necessity, and the goal of the program is that PTLC participants publish their research. You must be a faculty member who is currently engaged in teaching (the PTLC does not accept proposals to evaluate programs).

What are the benefits of participation?
The primary benefit is that membership in the PTLC will facilitate SoTL projects and application that will enhance the learning and development of UC Denver students. Additional benefits include the following:

  • growing your networks with members of the UC Denver and CU-system community who have similar interests,
  • providing opportunities for feedback on work in progress,
  • providing opportunities to practice presentations,
  • increasing your expertise about SoTL,
  • obtaining resources such as SoTL books or minimal compensation for certain activities, and
  • having the opportunity to apply for travel and/or research grants related to SoTL open only to active PTLC members.

How do I apply?
All application materials – for the 2012-2013 cohort must be submitted electronically in attached Word documents only to Joel.Cuthbertson@colorado.edu, Master’s Candidate, Research Assistant for PTLC, no later than June 1, 2012.

For application procedures and additional information, please see the President’s Teaching & Learning Collaborative Call for 2013 Research Proposals.

If you have additional questions or would like to talk through a potential project, please contact Judith Coe, UC Denver PTLC Campus Director, at 303-556-6013 or 303-315-3030, or send an email to judith.coe@ucdenver.edu.


About judithcoe

I am a retired music professor emerita, faculty development champion, SoTL practitioner mentor and trainer, technology geek, fulbright alum, cultural ambassador, digital explorer, artist, and observer with a passion for Irish land- and seascapes, music and literature, Blasket Island people and culture, and the sea.


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