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Complimentary Webinars and Webinars for October

Innovative Educators is facilitating two complimentary webinars: 

October 26
What New Faculty Members Need To Know

November 2
Using Social Media To Leverage Your Job Search: A Must See Presentation For College Students And Recent Graduates

You may also want to check out their new complimentary videos:

Webinars for October and November

October 18
Developing A Low Cost, High Touch Early Alert Program

October 19
The Broken Spoon:  How To Use High-Impact, Interactive Practices To Develop Higher Order Thinking

October 19
7 Emerging Trends Impacting Higher Education

October 21
Increase Online Student Engagement & Retention: Effectively Communicating From First Contact Through Graduation

October 25
The Nuts And Bolts Of Learning Community Development And Implementation

October 26
Making Your Campus Safe For LGBTQ Students: Creating A Supportive Campus Environment

October 27
Understanding Entering Community College Students: Learning From Student Voices


November 3
Early Alert: Developing A Program That Maximizes Student Engagement And Success

November 3
What Works To Increase First-Year Student Success In Community Colleges

November 4
Time Management, Motivation, And Procrastination: Understanding And Teaching Students Self-Regulatory Behaviors

November 8
Strategies For Effective Academic Mentoring Of 21st Century Students

November 9 (Part 1)
Diversity, Inclusivity and Civility:  Developing and Enhancing Students’ Cultural Competence

November 9
Maintaining Academic Momentum For Disadvantaged Students

November 10
Promoting The Development, Achievement And Persistence Of Students From Diverse Backgrounds

November 10
Effective Group Work In The College Classroom

November 16
Retention: Assessing Why Students Stay And Why They Leave

November 17
A Tutor Training Playbook: A Game Plan From An Award-Winning Learning Assistance Center

November 17
Building Paths To First-Year Student Success: Planning And Implementing For Effective Student Transition

November 30
Stimulating Student Motivation To Learn

November 30
Communicating With Parents: Developing A Relationship That Can Weather Any Storm

About judithcoe

I am a retired music professor emerita, faculty development champion, SoTL practitioner mentor and trainer, technology geek, fulbright alum, cultural ambassador, digital explorer, artist, and observer with a passion for Irish land- and seascapes, music and literature, Blasket Island people and culture, and the sea.


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