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IRB and Cloud-Based Survey Tools

Some recent posts on the POD listserv have addressed IRB issues and survey data stored in the cloud. Here is a link to SurveyMonkey and information about how they adhere to IRB guidelines. Additionally, a cloud-based survey tool called PsychData was identified (PsychData was founded in 2001 with a single mission: “empower the social science community to conduct Internet-based research with confidence and ease.”). The listserv posts point to these types of tools for serving as a starting point in identifying how to report cloud-based data collection, transmission, and storage to IRB.

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I am a retired music professor emerita, faculty development champion, SoTL practitioner mentor and trainer, technology geek, fulbright alum, cultural ambassador, digital explorer, artist, and observer with a passion for Irish land- and seascapes, music and literature, Blasket Island people and culture, and the sea.


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