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Professor Dancealot

In a recent POD listserv discussion focused on increasing understanding of the core purposes of assessment (assessing learning, and adjusting teaching-learning practice), the YouTube video Professor Dancealot was put forth as ‘one simple task’ which might be used with a group of faculty – in an effort to begin to move an entire campus forward just a bit re: the use of assessment theory, tools and techniques to improve teaching and learning.

The video is a goofy spoof – illustrating the absurdity of teaching students to do something by lecturing to them. It also highlights student passivity and a cultural practice in which they see themselves as helpless against a less than effective learning environment and authoritarian instructor – and could encourage a faculty discussion focused on several topics (the power of experiential learning, student responsibility for their own learning and becoming architects of their own learning, how to address classroom tension between older notions of authority and approval of authority and student-centered teaching and learning aesthetics and practices, employing good classroom practices, encouraging students as lifelong learners, etc.). This tension between old and new is an oldie but a goodie – I’d love to hear your ideas on how your program, department, college, and campus is addressing this tension.


About judithcoe

I am a retired music professor emerita, faculty development champion, SoTL practitioner mentor and trainer, technology geek, fulbright alum, cultural ambassador, digital explorer, artist, and observer with a passion for Irish land- and seascapes, music and literature, Blasket Island people and culture, and the sea.


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