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SOTL Conferences for AY2014-2015

Take a look at all of the great SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) conferences that will happen during this 2014-2015 academic year, listed on our SoTL Conferences page. The number and type of these conferences has grown dramatically over the last several years. There are disciplinary and interdisciplinary conferences, as well as national and international conferences. Check out all of the conference sites, organizational affiliates, conferences themes, and dates and locations, and see if the SoTL work that you’re doing this year resonates with the possibility of presenting a paper, panel, workshop of other type of session at one of these amazing conferences. I’ll be presenting a paper at the ISSoTL conference in Quebec City in October; it’s a great conference with an incredible and stimulating array of scholarly teachers, disciplines, and fascinating work to share and learn about/from. Let me know if you have questions and/or have additional resources to share!

About judithcoe

I am a retired music professor emerita, faculty development champion, SoTL practitioner mentor and trainer, technology geek, fulbright alum, cultural ambassador, digital explorer, artist, and observer with a passion for Irish land- and seascapes, music and literature, Blasket Island people and culture, and the sea.


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