The Center for Faculty Development at the University of Colorado Denver offers two mentoring programs, each designed to assist faculty with professional development objectives and initiatives.

Tenure-Track Faculty Mentoring Program – for tenure-track Assistant Professors
The Tenure Track Faculty Mentoring Program provides professional development for pre-tenure faculty. The program pairs pre-tenure faculty with senior, tenured faculty to help with the tenure process, publishing and research grants.  During the year-long program mentors and mentees engage in activities that inspire synergistic, collegial relationships and create a scholarly community. Dr. Brenda J. Allen, our Master Mentor, serves as a model for mentors and a guide for mentees. She and Dr. Ellen Stevens collaboratively lead this mentoring program.  Program Information   |   Mentoring Log  |   Mentor Form   |   Mentee Application

The Teaching Mentors Program – for any faculty member
The Teaching Mentors Program is for any faculty member. Email the center if you’d like to be matched. This program can help you:

  • Improve student satisfaction and course evaluations
  • Convert a class to a new format (studio to lecture; face-to-face online)
  • Teach large lecture classes
  • Integrate authentic activities and assessments

University of Colorado Mentoring Policy
The University of Colorado Mentoring Policy outlines areas of faculty development including mentoring of tenure track faculty. Four key mentoring components are listed below. A link to the policy is also provided below.

  • The dean and faculty of each school/college shall determine whether to have unit-based mentoring or school/college based mentoring.
  • If the mentoring program is formal, records of the dates, times, and general subjects of the sessions should be documented.
  • Tenure-track faculty may request feedback from the primary unit in the second year and any subsequent year prior to the tenure decision (except the year of comprehensive review).
  • If candidate elects pre-tenure advising sessions, they shall report it in the annual report of professional activity (FRPA), but content of consultations shall remain confidential unless he/she elects otherwise.

Click this link to read about the CU Mentoring Policy.
Click this link to learn more about the Mentoring Programs at the University of Colorado Denver.



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