About This Blog

This blog was created by staff in the Center for Faculty Development at the University of Colorado Denver to function in a variety of ways – as a newsletter, educational forum, archive and digital repository for Center activities and initiatives – and as an additional faculty resource on instructional technologies, pedagogies and projects.

Through sharing theory, practice and stories in this public forum, we hope to encourage collaboration, feedback, and a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights – both within and without the UCD community. Please feel welcome to reply to posts and to share your suggestions or comments here in our blog.

About The Center for Faculty Development

The Center for Faculty Development (CFD) fosters the development of the UC Denver faculty by supporting teaching, scholarly, and service activities. The CFD is dedicated to fostering a vibrant, intellectual community by promoting activities that improve undergraduate and graduate education, that support research, and that integrate teaching and research. It also serves to enhance faculty members’ lives in all phases of their careers, connecting faculty with faculty as well as with resources for innovation and renewal. Within the CFD is also the Office of Outcomes Assessment, which has the goals of building a culture of assessment that supports teaching and learning and program development across the consolidated university.

Specific goals include:

  • Promote the retention of our faculty
  • Enhance faculty success in earning tenure and launching successful, nationally recognized careers
  • Stimulate effective post-tenure productivity
  • Strengthen interdisciplinary research and teaching activities
  • Support faculty productivity in scholarly activities related to teaching and learning
  • Advance student learning by improving teaching
  • Build a culture of assessment to advance teaching and learning
  • Guide faculty and programs in meeting the assessment requirements for specialized and university accreditation
  • Highlight recognition of faculty excellence

To achieve these goals, the CFD will collaborate with faculty and other academic and service units to:

  • Present workshops, seminars and programs that promote excellence in teaching, assessment, scholarship and creativity
  • Consult on teaching, assessment, and tenure and promotion processes
  • Provide leadership for and initiate special UC Denver initiatives
  • Promote best practices for enhancing teaching and learning with technology
  • Circulate print publications and electronic resources on a wide range of topics related to teaching, assessment, scholarship & creative activities
  • Guide academic programs and administration on assessment systems and accreditation reports Direct local and national assessment-related field tests
  • Coordinate assessment-related efforts with organizations across and outside the university
  • Create annual Faculty Development grant competitions

For more information, please visit the CFD site.



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