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End of Semester Reflections: Beginnings, Endings and Spaces Between

I just finished reading Maryellen Weimer’s excellent post, End of Semester Reflections: Beginning, Endings and Spaces Between, in the Teaching Professor Blog. She writes, “Previously I would have encouraged everyone to write about the courses that have just ended. What do you think you will remember about them in five years? Are there students you will … Continue reading

What is the PTLC and How Can I Apply for the 2012-2013 Cohort?

What is the President’s Teaching and Learning Collaborative? The PTLC is a comprehensive, collaborative program that offers access to supportive expert educational research programs, financial support from the Office of the President, the campus Provosts, and a structured plan for completion of a classroom research project. The Collaborative is committed to establishing the University of … Continue reading

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