These educational technology links and resources are continually updated with just-in-time mini-courses, articles and resources – so check back periodically. Feel free to contact the center to make suggestions for additions or send us your own resources or articles.

Audio and Video
CU Online Video Production Rates & Services

Blackboard and eCollege
CU Online Faculty & Staff Resources

Clickers in the Classroom
A Student Response System (clickers) is a tool that assists faculty in generating student engagement, quickly completing quizzes, in taking role, etc. The University of Colorado Denver supports i>clicker. Students purchase their clicker at the Auraria bookstore. Clickers should be ordered at the same time faculty place book orders. The i>clicker company provides a free receiver to faculty with classes with more than 100 enrolled students. The Center for Faculty Development has a small number of receiver units to loan on a semester-by-semester basis. 

Clicker Sets as Learning Objects
Gerald Bergtrom, Interdisciplinary Journal of Knowledge and Learning Objects

Clicker Resource Guide: An Instructor’s Guide to the Effective Use of Personal Response Systems (Clickers) in Teaching
This comprehensive guide was prepared by the staff of the University of Colorado-Boulder Science Education Initiative and the University of British Columbia Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative. It contains a wealth of ideas and pedagogical FAQs. The guide is also available at http://www.cwsei.ubc.ca.

Tips for Successful Clicker Use
This great tool not only describes what to do to make the use of clickers in your classroom a success – it also describes what not to do. Written by Doug Duncan of the University of Colorado-Boulder after many years of clicker use at CU-Boulder (where over 17,000 clickers are in use today), it includes recommendations from members of the University of British Columbia Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative.



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