The Center for Faculty Development at UC Denver offers services and events to help advance your career and improve learning in your courses. Here’s a snapshot of services and events:

  • Career Development (mentoring, teaching consultation, academic leadership, dossier review, SoTL, and research and scholarship)
  • Workshops (improving teaching and learning)
  • Grants (faculty development, YUMPS, research and scholarship completion fund, university scholarship team grants)
  • Teaching and Learning (course management, assessment, learning theory and strategies, technology, online teaching and learning, online tutorials)
  • Faculty Resources (new faculty, tenure-track, department chairs, non-tenure-track, PhD candidates, campus resources)
  • Publications (books and publications, restricted publications, online publications, Auraria library)

Improve learning in your classroom. New workshops and seminars are offered each semester. If a workshop doesn’t fit your schedule, see our collection of self-paced tutorials and online resources.

Jump-start your research with a grant. Develop a research project or attend a conference. Hire a student assistant or buy special equipment or software. Find a faculty development grant that fits your needs.

The Center sponsors three separate grant programs, each tailored to meet a specific need, yet all are designed to propel you toward achieving your goals. Check back often for news about upcoming grants, so that you can be well prepared when it comes time to submit your grant proposal.

Develop your career. Let us match you with another mentor, consult with you on your tenure process, or review you promotion dossier. Take advantage of the lessons learned and wisdom earned by those that came before you. The Center offers dozens of resources to steer you in the direction you want to go; see the ways we can help in your professional development.

Additionally, the Center for Faculty Development publishes a faculty newsletter, Latitude, twice a year, and highlights Connections, The Library’s faculty seminar series presents programming on the fast changing research and teaching resources available through the Auraria Library.

The Center for Faculty Development is a member of the Front Range Teaching & Learning Consortium.



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