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John Tagg’s “The Learning Paradigm College”

In a recent POD listserv post, Alan Bender at University of Indiana, Bloomington recommends a Jossey-bass publication, The Learning Paradigm College by John Tagg. Bender summarizes Tagg’s focus on exposing the difficulty in “viewing education from other than an “Instruction Paradigm” (that focuses on delivering content, grades, credit hours, and degrees).” He also inquires about other … Continue reading

The Learning Paradigm College – by John Tagg

The Learning Paradigm College by John Tagg is a POD-recommended (Alan Bender, Indiana University, Bloomington) book that deals with rethinking higher education curricula. From the Jossey-Bass site:   In The Learning Paradigm College, John Tagg builds on the ground-breaking Changemagazine article he coauthored with Robert Barr in 1995, “From Teaching to Learning; A New Paradigm for Undergraduate … Continue reading

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